5 Simple Steps to Knowing How to Dress to Impress

by:Jalofun      2020-08-23
There are so many things to think about when you are getting prepared for dates with that special woman in your life: what to say, how to act, will she like you, and how far will she let you go, to name a few! The last thing you need to stress out about is what to wear. Follow these five simple steps, and you will always know that you are dressed to impress for every single date! Step 1. Stop shopping on the bargain rack. As a man, your practical sensibilities draw you like a magnet to the sale racks at the closest men's store that you can get to quickly and easily. This is fine if you are intending to be a bachelor for the rest of your life. If you are looking to impress a woman, however, you will need to back away from the clearance aisle and find clothes that are not out of style, are last year's prints, or belong in your grandfather's closet. Step 2. Buy accessories. Men usually neglect purchasing the icing for the cake. Women pay attention to the small details that go into pulling together 'a look'. A simple silver bracelet and chain to go around your neck will do. If you have the means to do so, owning a top-of-the-line watch makes a big statement. Step 3. Own plenty of terrific shoes. Tennis shoes don't count! Look into purchasing a really good pair of black leather loafers. They go with almost anything. Get a pair in brown, too, while you're at it. You should also have a great pair of low-cut boots that you can wear with jeans and other casual wear, too. It's no secret that women love to buy shoes for themselves, and if they see that you took the time to invest in a fabulous pair of your own, the sparkle in their eyes will blind you! Step 4. Buy the three essential pairs of pants. You will need to buy at least one of each of the three essential pairs of pants that every single man should own. Once you've done this, you can graduate to buying variations of each. Every man needs a relaxed, dark-washed, boot-cut pair of jeans. You should also have a pair of flat-front (heaven forbid you should buy pleated) khaki pants, too. Add a pair of flat-front, dressy black pants, and you're good to go! The better quality and fit, the more your date will fawn over your stylish look. Step 5. Purchase the three shirts that you must have. Now that you have your shoes and pants in order, let's go over the shirts that you should also own. Every single man should own a dark, casual polo shirt. You can pair this with either your khaki's or your black dress pants, depending on the color. A solid bold-colored, button-up shirt is a great staple to add to your closet, as well. Lastly, a long-sleeved, button-up striped shirt can go with any of the three essential pairs of pants that you have recently acquired. Always buy clothes that fit your body. Men tend to purchase clothes that are too big for them, and this only works to make you look smaller, as though you're drowning in your clothes. Women are the fashion gurus of our society. It is true that they will notice when you have not put the adequate amount of effort into your wardrobe. By following these simple rules, you will be one step ahead of the game, and you can then concentrate on making sure your personality shines as brightly as the clothes that you are wearing!
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