Autumn And Winter Funny Dress Funny Elements in Fashion 2

by:Jalofun      2020-08-18
Funny 'Pajama' challenges the fashion Since Dolce & Gabbana show released its pajamas show, wearing pajamas on the streets has become a fashionable thing. It is said that this fashion comes from the subconsciously profound needs of comfort and freedom. In the autumn and winter of 2010, T-stage fashion is not about just wearing a plain pajama, but the upgraded version of showy wide clothes and pants Coexistence of checkered, striped, linen patterned, geometric patterned elements in one piece of dress is so colorful that shows the art of chaotic mixing. Learn to wear guide: Entry-level players can choose plain vertical stripes with blue and white. It won't be the wrong choice no matter how big the width of such wears. The polka dot is the standard answer of the pattern on pajamas. These two patterns are the best choices for pajamas. The vantage player can choose a variety of geometric patterns with the disorderly mix and match, which can show the casual and comfortable feeling at home. What you need to pay attention is the harmony of the gradation color level. The bright and cheerful can make the entire dress funnier. Self-mockery -- Clever Use of Spoof T-shirt The girl who is brave enough to wear a 'big breasts' printed T-shirt makes her admirable for her courage, and also wins the smiles from spectators. Cotton and cloud-like hair with a serious expression makes her admirable for her courage again. Subversive cascading wear makes thick plush coats and pig-intestine-like tights look sturdy, in contrast with the skinny girl. In addition, ordinary single products like Scottish patterned skirts and scarves also make the girls shiny. Learn to wear Guide: the old spoof T-shirt has more interpretation today, and is sold in many creative market and cultural Tee stores in Beijing. From the spoofed celebrity, word explanation, cottage fashion, parody of the classic brands and ads to the naked slogan, all of them highlight the personal attitude of the wearer. This kind of humorous logo on Tee can easily narrow the distance between people. Funny Sense of Ethnic Pirate John Galliano is a little deranged, and in this fall season, he seemed to place himself onto the T station, coping with the image of John Galliano one after another. The high saturation of color and the mix chaos make the show full of strong India and Pakistan ethnic customs, which is funny with relish. Learn to wear guide: You can grasp the whole gorgeous ethnic style with the India and Pakistan-style trousers, dresses, and scarves. In short, the eclectic and bold mix and match, without the limit in color, representing his gorgeous performance of the pirate. Parody of Men with Women's Wear showing the Sexy Limit On this year's T stage, the style of men dressing in women's wear is one of the fashion trends. You can find men dressed in the style exclusive for the women by the way of ridicule parody. The field of fashion today is all-encompassing and all-powerful, while the audience is happy to smile and view it as the talk of gossip. Learn to wear Guide: Wearing this kind of clothing is a great test for men. You have to conquer the fear of public attention and have enough wisdom to match with. One piece of feminization of a single product is recommended, others should reconcile with masculine single products to avoid the imbalance of two contrasting elements. We do not suggest you to wear like models, but you can choose single products with feminine details and accessories with the overall ratio not exceeding 10%. Fashion with Humorous and Cheerful Elements Wearing too orthodox or too cheap is not preferred in fashion week, popular singer Micky wore fashionable by adding humorous and cheerful elements. Flouncing one-piece belt with small flowers looks casual, coinciding with the pajamas trend of many other brands this year. A strong contrast can be found in materials between the leather jacket's hardness and the softness of one-piece pants. The bowler hats have comedic feelings, just like the grotesque shape of a clown.
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