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Business expansion



We are glad to announce all clients that we will expand our business and move to a new factory in the next year. After years of sharing a building with other companies, our company will finally be moving out, to a larger building.

Our factory are currently located in an office building in Liwan district and the company shares the building with other factories in the industry area. All equipment and workshop workers will move to the new and bigger plant since 23rd Dec. They will have a new canteen room and comfortable staff dormitory.

“According to these years business expansion, we have developed many stable and reliable customer, customer is God. The older factory felt stress with the increasing order, so we need to find a new bigger place to serve the client better.” Said from the CEO of Jalofun Cloth Factory, Mr Chen Gangqiang.

Thanks for all of our clients continuous trust and support, we believe we will make a greater progress in the next year.

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