Camel Polo in Dubai

by:Jalofun      2020-08-15
How is the idea of spending sporty time in hot and vibrant climate of Dubai? Sports are a unique medium to revive your sleeping excitements and hiding desires. What will happen if you get a wonderful opportunity to recall your childish memories and rejuvenate your hidden dreams by participating in an enthralling sport, especially Camel Polo? You must have heard about polo where you have to sit on horseback to drive a small plastic ball (or wooden ball) with the help of long-handled mallet. Camel polo is a bit different sport where you are the player however, your driver controls the camel. Camel polo is one of the most famous sports in Dubai. It has always dragged many people who love to play polo as well as those who love to watch it. Such an entertaining sport is a good example of teamwork with fun activities. To learn the basic tactics of camel polo, you would have to enrol for a training session. This training session is very significance if you want to participate in traditional camel polo tournament. At present, such a wonderful sport has become travel and cultural services. It is a very fun-loving sport where you can play with small as well as large teams. Organizers charge different amounts for corporate parties and group events. However, you do not have to worry about any arrangements if you handover your camel polo tour to professionals. In general, this tour includes camel-on-rent, all equipments, helmets, chaps, staff members, soft drinks, polo shirts, drinking water and above all your prize money. Not everybody knows how to play camel polo sport, you require a professional trainer as well as a genuine tour guide who can offer right information. A specific training session imparts essential skills so that you can participate in the final 'Knock-out tournament'. The training includes polo mallet swing practices, technique of hitting a ball along with camel riding and steering task. It is a new experience where you have to sit on the sky-high camel hump with long mallet in hand, learning how to make goals against opponent team. Camel polo has same rules, which are followed in the traditional horse polo. A goal is hit by either mallet or camel kick. During a tournament, the trainer has to wear same team shirt that resembles like a camel's jockey. The durations of game varies according to the size of your team. If you have a team of 35 players, you can play for 3 hours. Depending on magnitude of your team, the extend time may vary from 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours. In recent times, camel polo is an entertaining activity, which takes place at the Dubai Polo and Equatorial Club in the wonderful Arabian Ranches. Anybody who wants to play such a high-spirited sport with bustling activity should plan to visit Dubai. Camel polo will leave a remarkable impact on your adventurous holidays. It is a playful activity if you are planning for family travel and get-togethers.
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