Corporate T-shirt Printing And How to Stand Out

by:Jalofun      2020-08-12
When your business is a customer facing business and you want to create a strong brand, then by wearing corporately branded t-shirts, you can add this to your marketing mix as well as making your staff easily recognisable. Of course in doing this you need to make sure that your t-shirt design is such that it adequately represents your brand, and is indeed aligned with your corporate image. Lots of large customer businesses utilise this method and dress all of their staff in customised t-shirts, particularly the fast moving consumer good industries when they undertake promotional activity. I'm sure at some point you will have been handed a leaflet in the street from a well known pizza company, or soft drinks company, and these people will have been easily recognisable as they would be dress in corporately branded t-shirt...not only bearing the logo of the company, but more importantly the colour of the t-shirt they are dressed in will also be a company that you associate with that business. Just because the large, multi-national fast moving consumer goods companies do this, doesn't mean that it can't work for a smaller business too. These days, with the newer technologies available, digital t-shirt printing is really competitive and as such has seen a dramatic reduction in price. It also means that you don't have to be ordered hundreds or thousands of t-shirts at a time, you can order just one or two. Of course due to economies of scale the larger your print run the greater the reduction in unit price will be, so for smaller businesses order in 10s is usually the best option. When designing your t-shirts, you may decide that you literally just want your company logo positioned in the usual place, left chest, on a coloured t-shirt complimentary to your company logo, or if you have a corporate colour palate then in one of those specified colours. However, if the t-shirts are for something more specific, like a specific promotional campaign, then you may wish to have a key message on the front of the t-shirt and perhaps a phone number or email or website address on the back. This technique is particularly useful for people handing our printed leaflets in town centres promoting your business, as it allows them to communicate a message to every passer by who they catch the eye of. People who may not be receptive to taking a flyer they are being handed, will still read the key message and digest your brand. This is another reason to make sure that when choosing your t-shirts, if possible choose a colour out of the 'norm'. A colour that not many people in a crowd would be wearing...perhaps a bright yellow, or a lime green. The brighter the better, not just to stand out from the crowd, but also darker colours are more difficult to print onto! Whatever your t-shirt printing activity is for, and not matter how many you decide to have, if you keep these tips in mind you are sure to execute a great promotional campaign and generate increases brand awareness.
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