Custom Polo Shirts The Smarter Way to Promote

by:Jalofun      2020-08-04
Custom polo shirts are among the most durable and adaptable garments in the workplace. More professional than a printed t-shirt, cooler to wear than an embroidered fleece, custom polo shirts take you from the workshop to the office with smart efficiency. Custom polos may be embroidered, printed or both. Modern digital technology has made it possible to embroider highly complex logos and designs discreetly on the top breast, while bold lettering can be added to the front or back. Custom polo shirts help forge company identity, giving staff a smart uniform that can be dressed up or down accordingly. Take a look around, and you will see them everywhere; in pubs, clubs, fast food restaurants, banks, leisure centres, shopping malls, garages and many other places. Once a business has an embroidered corporate design, it's easy to 'tweak' it by printing an appropriate message. For example, in a health club you could have assistant, receptionist, personal trainer, creche assistant and DM shirts, all with the same embroidered logo but printed with the appropriate staff role. Different departments could also have different coloured shirts, as today's custom polo shirts are available in many different colours, including two-toned versions. Various styles, including long-sleeved and slim-fitting designs are also available, in both light and heavyweight fabrics. With the digital software and hardware available, it is possible to order printed and embroidered polo shirts online, and even upload your own artwork. With the latter, it's important to find a company that can work with you and interpret your designs, or alternatively suggest ideas to adapt an image so it suits the appropriate machinery. Today, this is becoming less and less of a problem, as modern embroidery machines can handle very intricate designs indeed. The important thing is that the design should be crisp, sharp, colourful and legible, so choose a quality printing and embroidery company for the best results. As well as being great for corporate clothing and uniforms, custom polo shirts can be highly effective promotional tools. Marketing and advertising firms and trade fair organisers can affirm their effectiveness as client gifts and corporate giveaways, taking the message way beyond the event. From the client's point-of-view, an embroidered polo shirt with a discreet company emblem on the top breast or pocket creates a look of longevity, professionalism and success, whereas printed t-shirts are often perceived as more fleeting and temporary. However, don't just hand out shirts in the 'company colours'; instead, use a variety of popular shades and fabrics, if appropriate. When buying custom polo shirts, it is important to find a design that everyone will want to wear, which can be tricky. If the wearers are of mixed ages then the preferred colours may be the ones that are popular yet restrained, whereas another team might prefer more 'hip' and trendy shades. Other tips include choosing fabrics and styles appropriate to the seasons, and going for a high embroidery stitch count for durability. Perhaps the main key to buying custom polo shirts is to find a company who can deliver quality garments, on budget and on time for the perfect garment.
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