Dog Tag - A Style Statement

by:Jalofun      2020-08-06
The dog tags are a popular metal tags that are worn by the servicemen and soldiers since many years. However in the modern world it has become more popular and is worn as a fashion accessory by men and women alike. Currently, dog tags are the fashion flavor of the style conscious and are a must in the younger generation's collection of fashion accessories. They are also popular with celebrities too. You will find custom dog tags that come in a variety of range and are ideal for giveaways, as fundraising products and also as promotional items. The tags are also great for gifting or for you. The best thing about custom dog tags is that they can have personal details engraved on it and you can have messages on it for your loved ones or your name or a logo if you have a team or a favorite quote. You will find an extensive selection of colorful dog tags that can have any particular specification on them. There are various dog tag formats all across the world, however, the US Military dog tags are the most familiar ones. They come with the name, surname, service number, blood group etc of the particular wearer. They are stamped on the oval piece of metal, which are worn on a chain around the neck. There has been a considerable change in the materials of dog tags. Today, many materials are being used by people to make promotional dog tags like the colored metal, silicone and plastics. The boxy type of dog tags are long gone and have been replaced by a variety of tags with personal specification and many other details that you wish can be engraved on them. Gone are the days that provided only oval or round shaped tags that came in limited size and had uneven spaced letter on the gold or silver colored metals. Dog tags come in various colors like the purple, red, orange green or colors of your choice like the holographic silver. These small metal tags also come in a variety of shapes like paw prints, cat faces, dog faces, hearts and even dog houses. You will also find interesting shapes like the suitcases, stars, crossbones or skulls or even T-shirts or the liberty bell. Today these metal tags come in new laser engraved tags that come engraved in frosty white, which are quite eye-catching and have contrast colors as well. The custom dog tags have gone under a lot of change from its humble beginning. There has been a lot of change in the world of promotional dog tags that have clearly become the hot-favorite in the fashion world. If you want to really go through the collection that is available with many of the companies that offer these unique custom dog tags, you can visit the Dogtag-Depot(dot)com to buy one for yourself or for gifting.
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