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Double 11 shopping Carnival


As we all known,with the development of the economy of China,shopping on line is gradually becoming the most popular way of shopping around the world.Online shopping has made our daily life more convenient and comfortable.The internet has shorten the distance between manufacturers and consumers and thus we can even buy goods in other countries .We can save lots of our precious time.
However,every coin has two sides.Just like Double 11.November 11th is a really busy day for the selller on line.During this day,the sales of Tmall has reached more than 2684 billion in 24hours !!! It is a amazing number.

But the problem always come to us.We have to wait a so long time to receive our goods.Because there are so many mails need sending.
Thus,we'd better not shop during this time next year.I think it is not a good choice to shop with so slowly sending service at this time.

At JALOFUN,you can order at any time,we are 7*24hours on service for orders,all customers are treated as a VIP.

You can have a best experience during your purchase.

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