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DRC Election Order of 21000000 RMB


DRC Election Order of 21000000 RMB

In Aug, We got an inquiry about election project, the buyer is from Shenzhen and ask for inquiry of DRC election on 23rd Dec.


We replied her within 30 seconds, and soon we added WeChat and quote for her the second day, they thought our price is good, and the most important is the production just 1 month for several millions products.

So they confirmed the sample on the third day, and the next day, samples are ready.


Soon they got the sample and super love it, after two days, QC to visit our factory, they said we are professional. Also send the sample to the DRC, just wait for customers choose the material, at the same time, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Days came, so we contacted each other after holidays.


Finally they sent the design to us on 10th Oct, so we quoted price again.

11st Oct, the boss came to our factory, he was excited at our welcome ceremony, when he came back, he ask his assistant to make PO, and things still going on, the other 2 boss also came to our factory.

They sent the Contract of 8 pages, soon 24th Oct, we confirmed the order of 21000000 RMB.

And we have a good cooperation with each other, we finished the order within 30 days

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