Essential Mens Tops For This Winter

by:Jalofun      2020-07-24
Just because the winter is approaching, it doesn't mean that you need to put all your lighter, thinner tops into the loft. However, it might be time to perk up your wardrobe a little with a few new tops. As they say, style never goes out of fashion - so if you've got plenty of cool and stylish tops, try to incorporate them into your look this winter. Obviously, the winter fashions will use a lot more heavy materials to accommodate the drop in temperature. But, another way to stay on trend and warm is to use layering. We've got the very best men's tops for this winter - that you'll be able to wear on the street, out to dinner or while you're chilling at home watching Christmas TV. Classic polo shirt It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, a polo shirt offers universal appeal. Worn tight to show off a slim physique or loose if you're a little self-conscious, you can't go wrong with a button collar polo shirt. From the traditional Fred Perry to the modern take by Original Penguin - there are plenty of opportunities to make it your own. Choose the colour you like and the fit to suit and your polo shirt will become a staple in your wardrobe. And because it's winter, you can always throw over a winter jacket. Check shirts You don't have to be a lumberjack or a cowboy to pull off the check shirt. There are so many styles to choose from too, so you can make the style suit you more specifically. Large check, slim-fitted, multi-coloured or flannel - it really is up to you. The most popular brands at the moment are Superdry, Cheap Monday and the favourite Levi Strauss. Dress up or down and the check shirt is equally at home in a club or on the high street. Jersey cardigan When you say cardigan, it might arouse images of your uncle playing piano in a big chunky knit cardigan while the family pretend to enjoy it. Well, those days are gone. In recent years, cardigans have been given a new twist - they're now cool. Make sure you pick the right style though or you could get it all wrong. Go for a slim fitting, light jersey style cardigan and you're onto a winner - a must-have this winter will be the Ben Sherman blue cotton cardigan with white trim. Collared dress shirt If you're heading to your office Christmas bash or you've got a big New Year's Eve party to go to - a collared dress shirt is this season's must have. Available in so many styles that you'll rarely see two the same, dress shirts come in the widest range of colours, textures, fits and even collars. Choose from a more expensive Finamore, a mid-range Del Siena or get a great value shirt from the high-street.
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