Experienced Player Introduce Playing Tennis Methods to You

by:Jalofun      2020-08-02
The tips we should notice of playing tennis in summer. Persist in sufficient warm up sport at the same time. In case of exercise hurt, national hobbits and some professional players will do enough warm up exercise before playing tennis in the winter. But in the hot summer, people often feel simple exercise is enough before playing tennis due to the factors of physical power and weather. However, it often makes body difficult to staying in a good condition. At exercise and march, body will feel tired easily or physical hurt. So it is good for doing warm up sport especially in hot weather and body stays in a lazy condition. On one hand, it will make body function exciting, stay in a good condition, on the other hand, it will prevent lazy and hurt easily because of practicing in a tired state. As far as possible to avoid under the blazing sun for quite a long time. In summer of hot weather, if you stay a long time under the blazing sun, you body will feel tired quickly and get sunstroke easily. What's more, because of the decrease of the protection of the ozone layer, it should not to be neglected about burning sun to skin damage. So when you play tennis in the burning sun, wear a light green hat is better. Do not expose your breast to play tennis, it is impolite and bad for your skin. Drinking water moderately and over and over. Generally, in the hot season or before competition one hour, people should drink five hundred milliliter up first. Choose dilution sport drinking is better, it is not only taste great but also absorbed easier than general drinking. In the practice and march, you should drink water several times but drink a little each time, do not too much. It is unadvisable to drink more water will greatly add your stomach with unnecessary burden. In addition, do not drink ice water to prevent stimulating throat and hurting your speaking capacity. Replace wet T shirt in time. Taking more cotton sport T shirt to change wet clothes in time when play tennis in summer. The reason is your body of hot heat will be consumed even more by the drying process during you wear wet T shirt sequentially. What's more, if you can not replace wet underwear in time, it will increase bacterial skin production, 'HAN BAN' is a typical case. To have a good control of exercise and intensity of sports arrangement. Based on the different of everybody, appropriate exercise time and exercise intensity should be arranged better. Generally, in the hot summer, do not take exercise for a long time. Once you feel tired or uncomfortable, you should stop practicing, prevent getting sunstroke. Keeping exercise intensity about seventy percents of general exercise is better.
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