Fashionable Winter Warmers

by:Jalofun      2020-08-01
Winter Warmers Winter is here which means wrapping up warmly to keep out the elements. Chunky knit sweaters, cords, hooded jackets, desert boots and a few items of mens jewellery such as a stainless steel watch will ensure that you stay warm and look good into the bargain. Other good items of clothing include cable knit sweaters; wool cropped fitted jackets, ribbed leggings and a pair of calf length boots. Dressing for the Great British Winter It's hard to know what to wear for the British winter as it is an unpredictable time of year. It switches between mild, wet and windy or extremely cold and frosty which makes it difficult to decide upon a suitable outfit. But we know notice the difference the right clothing makes and, what happens if you get it wrong. Let's be honest: there is nothing worse than clothing which fails to keep out the cold which then makes for a miserable experience. Your best option is to combine items of clothing which are suitable for any sudden change in weather, e.g. the danger of precipitation or rain to you and me. Example of a winter outfit for men Men: choose a good outdoor jacket such as a mountain parka, cotton oxford shirt, cargo pants and a pair of lace up boots. Accessorise this with a pair of slim calf leather gloves and an onyx ID tag necklace. Example of a winter outfit for women Women: why not match a Nordic patterned jumper with a pair of smart, flat fronted trousers and kitten heeled shoes. Add a couple of extra touches with a cashmere scarf draped casually around the neck and a braided leather bracelet. This look is good enough for workplace as well as outdoors. Layer up Wear several layers of clothing which will help to control your body temperature, preventing you from getting cold. Think: inner, mid and outer layer when you do and you won't go far wrong. Go for cardigans over jumpers, thick socks over tights or a fleece lined top over a long sleeved t-shirt. Don't forget the classic, shirt, jumper and jacket combo for men or a practical, walking jacket over a zip up fleece. Add a warm scarf, gloves and the ever popular beanie hat and you will be warm as toast! Thermal base layers such as long sleeved tops and pants are a good option and are worn by hikers, mountaineers, skiers and other outdoorsy types. As the saying goes; there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.
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