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by:Jalofun      2020-07-31
It is nothing new to know that the t-shirt has been an integral part of ever changing trends since years and decades. It has constantly gone through innovations and technologies and stood the test of time. And it has an undefined charm that still continues to rule the fashion charts in its various avatars. Whether you wish to keep it simple or add a touch of bling; stylish and yet score high with the fashion police; wear your attitude or something loud enough to get you a second look, the t-shirt fits into all the parameters. Such is the charisma of a t-shirt. Tuck it in or just let it hang outside the waistband of the trousers, the T-shirt will still look rocking and go well with any event. Be it a formal ado or a casual get up, a corporate event or a birthday party, a wedding invitation or a festive occasion, or any other function for that matter, a t-shirt can save the day for you and manage many an occasion without any worries. If we look around, we will see that the t-shirt is one of the most commonly worn pieces of clothing. It is chosen by individuals regardless of their gender, religion, occupation or age bracket. It is comfortable and truly versatile. It is low on maintenance, too. T-shirts are available in various textures and can be clubbed with a suit or stuff like jackets, cardigans, shawls, stoles, etc. And that is not all. It can be easily paired with pyjamas (loose pants), cotton trousers, jeans, linen fabrics, polyester, fine grade wool and any other material or blended fabric. Moreover, the attire can be accessorized with beads neckpieces, gold chains, chunky watches, stone embellished belts, suede shoes, leather bags and perhaps anything under the sun. The wearer just needs to use his sense of discretion, know when to wear what and see to it that the look is balanced, and he is ready to step out of the house. Printed t-shirt with the help of modern printing equipments, t-shirt with cheesy lines, embroidered t-shirt, t-shirt with the short sleeves, button-less or collarless t-shirts, v- neckline and polo neck t-shirt in different colours and patterns- you name it and you got it all. So it is time to gountucked and add spice to your life. Revive your wardrobe and make a style statement with a fresh set of t-shirts.
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