Golf Clothing Requirements

by:Jalofun      2020-07-22
Golf clothing requirements - can not wear jeans to play golf. How to wear when playing golf are not explicit. The golf apparel usually divided into two main pieces of tops and pants. Long-sleeved shirt is more or short-sleeved polo shirt (polo shirt) as the main style of sweater; pants (regardless of trousers or shorts) are the cotton or wool trousers. Golf Dress in style and there is nothing special. The first element is the clothing does not impede the operation of the swing and putting; second element is fit to wear comfortable clothing is soft, absorbent and strong. In cold weather, when the hair can be worn Jixin Ling vest or cashmere sweater. Golf clothing requirements are some stress, even in bad weather and do not forget this.Repair the damaged turf and venues. Players must put on the putting green channel playing on the grass or cutting back in place, and flatten; the ball on the putting green caused by the injury should be carefully repaired. The damage caused by golf spikes should be repaired after the finish of the hole. Player or caddy in place to ensure that the flagpole or bags should not hurt the club putting green. Player or caddy to stand near the hole, the support pole, or remove the ball from the hole, the hole should be taken to avoid injury; players leave the putting green in the flag according to the status quo should be back before the hole in the . Players may not rely on the putt rod and damage the putting green, especially when removing the ball from the hole should be careful. Strictly speaking, golf tee is the depth of two club lengths behind the front and sides by two tee signs limited square outer edge of the range. Tee of every round, every hole to play the place to start. Tee is the key to respect the etiquette of being ball players. The first tee the first thing to do - greetings. Golf is known as gentleman's game with taylormade r9 fairway wood, players should always reflect the gentleman. In the first tee, you should take the initiative with the same group of golfers - whether peers or rivals - to introduce them and shake hands with greetings and wished each other good luck. Of course, golfers out on strike after not forget to call on the sentence. 3.2 who should serve? In the first tee, golfers with callaway razr x irons can negotiate with the group's kick-off to decide the order. If the mixed group and the players are using the same tees, ladies first shot should be invited. If there is no organized group table in advance, it can be used by drawing lots, or by low handicap players with callaway razr x almost to the level of the first tee. After the first hole the rest of the tee should be determined according to results of a hole on the tee in order that the players first hit the lowest score This article is from Also, We recommend some good top golf clubs to you. Thanks for reading my article!
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