How Embroidery Digitizing Services Score Over

by:Jalofun      2020-07-30
Whether you are a design house involved in mass production, or a brand looking to get your custom logos stitched onto merchandise and uniforms, embroidery digitizing is a concept that you must have come across in recent times. Just as machine embroidery took over the manual form a few decades ago, embroidery digitizing has now taken over the market to offer a quick and reliable solution for all your commercial stitching needs. The embroidery digitizing process basically involves the 'digitization' of a design, so that it is easily readable and executed by a compatible embroidery machine. These embroidery machines differ from traditional machines in the sense that they do not require much of manual labor for operation, since the digitized files take care of execution. The following benefits shall offer you insight into why embroidery digitizing services are slowly replacing traditional embroidery techniques: 1. Manual Labor - Embroidery digitizing reduces the involvement of manual labor in the entire stitching process. Given that the digitizer hands over the files after a thorough quality check and once the machines have been readied for execution, the software takes over the rest of the process, thereby reducing the chances of human error. This also results in the dramatic reduction of the number of hours taken to put the design on fabric, along with ensuring an exact replica each time, leading to greater efficiency and eventually, cost savings. 2. Variety - Embroidery digitizing as a process gives you greater liberty when it comes to the choice of design, fabric and even the stitch. With a software handling execution, the artwork can be replicated to the tee on any kind of fabric ranging from tough leathers to delicate satins. Even the kind of stitch used can be fine-tuned accordingly. Since, the designs and fabrics are tested for 'sewability' in the digitization stage, you shall know beforehand the kind of changes that would make the artwork more embroidery-friendly, thereby making production a seamless process. 3. Bulk - Embroidery digitizing equips you with one of the greatest advantages when it comes to bulk orders, which is optimum efficiency. Almost eliminating the chances of human error, and leaving execution solely to software and machine, not only do you get the opportunity to minimize production time, but also the need for vigorous quality checks. Once the software and machine have been prepared for production, you can use the same for multiple production runs, without having to bother about exhaustion or consistency. Embroidery digitizing services not only work to the benefit of large scale organizations such as corporations or design houses working on mass production, but also benefit small scale businesses like boutiques, custom gift shops and custom t-shirt designers by speeding up production time and offering impeccable artwork on fabric each time.
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