How Polo Shirts Became a Popular Fashion Dress?

by:Jalofun      2020-07-21
Young boys, elder men and males from any age group like to wear T shirts. They reflect the personality and are also a style statement, especially in the summers. One of the most common styles that are prevalent in the category of such shirts is the Polo Shirt or Tennis Shirts. Such shirts came into existence due to the difficulty faced by a few people while wearing a particular set of attire. In the early twentieth century, tennis players had to wear formal wear which in today's time is the dress that we normally wear at our work places. At that time it became quite cumbersome for those players to play in the tennis court wearing such clothes as it used to become quite difficult to wear such clothes and stretch the body. Moreover, long sleeved shirts along with neck ties were quite difficult to adjust. Hence, keeping in mind about this problem one of the tennis players Rene Lacoste decided to design a t shirt specifically for tennis players that will enable them to play the game more swiftly. These shirts were known as the Polo Shirts. A Polo Shirt is a specific kind of shirt that has a white collar and lower and there are two narrow cuts with buttons on each one of them. The collar is specially designed in such a way so that it can be pulled upwards. This is mainly done in order to provide protections against the harmful rays of the sun. Since, tennis is an outdoor game the player has to play under the heat of the sun and therefore the material used in the cloth is either made up of pique cotton or synthetic fibers so that the shirt does not get damaged due to sweat. With the passage of time, the dressing style of men underwent a change and so is formal dressing. The Polo Shirts went on to become one of the stylish garments that was sported by men. Golf players began to wear polo shirt and it became such a rage that it was declared as the official dress of the sport. Now, you can see every golfer wearing a Polo Shirt in the playground. Even Rugby players are sometimes seen wearing such shirts. In the later period, travelers also began to wear such shirts as they thought that wearing such shirts reflects the relaxed side of a person. Moreover, at school, students were heavily encouraged to wear Polo Shirts during any important sports event. Hence, there is no doubt of the fact that these shirts today are a formidable part of the regular dressing. Clothing companies began to knit such T-shirts even for females as they equally looked trendy and stylish as men on wearing the Polo Shirts. Many Ladies Polo Shirts Stocklots can be found in the clothing stores. Some of them are also being designed by leading fashion designers of the world. They are not much expensive and can be worn in any season. They are also quite comfortable to wear.
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