How to Clean Glass Well

by:Jalofun      2020-07-26
Today, glass is everywhere. It looks really beautiful. Our windows, mirrors, etc. are the most common examples of using glass. To take proper care of it, we need to follow some important steps. Remember, using glass cleaners is not enough if you don't know how to use them properly. This article talks about how to clean glass well. Start Cleaning from Top to Bottom: This is an important technique if you want to get streak free glass. Make sure you have no drips on the surface. Always start from the top. Use an Appropriate Squeegee: If you can use a squeegee, then it could make a big positive difference. Remember, when you re-wipe, it could leave streaks on the surface. If you use a squeegee, then it would be very easy-to-clean the surface. You may try using a long handle squeegee to get better results. Always choose A Cloudy Day: You may know that direct sunlight is not good for glass. Sunlight is not good when you clean the glass. It makes the glass dry quickly so there is always chance of having streaks. So, choose a cloudy day to clean the surface perfectly. Clean the Corners with Cotton Swabs: This is a very important thing to remember when you clean the glass. You can clean the surface very well, but what about the corners? You can't clean them well without using an appropriate tool. A cotton swab can help you clean the corners properly. Use An Old T-shirt: This might sound very unusual, but it is true. An old t-shirt can help you a lot. If you use it, there will be no residue on the surface of the glass. It can help you polish the surface well. So, don't ignore your old t-shirts. Always Avoid the Woodwork: You need to clean the glass, not the woodwork. The chemical could damage the woodwork if you apply it extensively. When cleaning, don't use too much cleaner on a small area. Clean with patience. Use Some Pieces of A Newspaper: This tip is really amazing. For some people, it works perfectly while others don't like it at all. You could try this tip. But, they can't work properly when they get wet. But, don't ignore this tip because it is worth trying. In our homes, nothing looks as good as clean glass. We should try our best to clean glass properly. In fact, we should clean glass regularly to avoid extensive cleaning in the future. Happy cleaning!
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