How to Work The Colour Blocking Trend Without

by:Jalofun      2020-07-25
One of the biggest fashion trends in 2011 will be colour blocking. The fashion catwalks for spring/summer 2011 were full of colour with many different designers putting models on the catwalk dressed in bright shades. To get the look you need to be able to choose the right combination of colours and know which colours clash well together and which will just not strike the right look. The trend also looks as if it will be a costly one to follow but with the right planning you will find there is no need to invest in expensive fluorescent pieces which maybe useless after this season - you may have some pieces in your wardrobe which will create the mood. The concept of colour blocking is one of wearing bright colours - you can clash two colours together or just wear a one piece in the same bright shade, but pastel and pale colours do not work. Even if the colours clash, pastel shade colour blocking will just look halfhearted. The beauty of this trend is that you can wear colors which you wouldn't usually put together. There are no hard and fast rules, so colors which clash are perfect for colour blocking. You can even wear variations of two tones and mix together with another colour, although it is best to stick to no more than three colors. The colour blocking look you create should be eye catching and attention grabbing, but not too shocking! The easiest way to wear the colour blocking fashion trend is to add an accessory or two in eye-popping colors. A bright pink clutch bag, a pair of neon yellow shoes, a vivid blue bangle or an eye-popping orange belt is all you need to bring an understated outfit up to date this summer. A good way of making the most of this trend is to invest in a pair of brightly colored jeans. You can then team them with a white tee shirt or go overboard and choose a brightly colored one. The one down side of this trend is that you can look as if you are off to a 1980s acid house party, so to avoid looking this way try to choose a more luxurious fabric such as silk. You will still get the colour blocking look but your outfit will look a little classier. Another way of adopting the colour blocking trend without having to change your whole wardrobe is to wear a plain dress with a pair of brightly colored tights or leggings. Colour blocking is an exciting look but if you want to keep it as something that you try out with your existing wardrobe you can accessorize outfits with bright colors or invest in a cotton/silk blend brightly colored T shirt that you can wear with neutrals. This will allow you to take part in the trend without ending up with lots of excess clothes at the end of the season. Unless you are going don the brightly colored accessory route it is best to keep your accessories to a minimum. Lost of large jewellery will over do the look - the key to colour blocking is to keep it simple and let the colour do all the talking. For a great range of clothes go to ME&EM. They offer chic clothing made from the best fabrics which look great whatever the occasion. Go to for more information.
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