Is there instruction manual for sublimation t shirt?
The instruction manual is always beside sublimation t shirt. If no such instruction manual is found, you are welcomed to contact us. Then an electronic version may be offered. The instruction manual is aimed at offering you detailed operation and installation info. If you find it hard to understand, video or other effective ways may be available based on the demand.
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Guangzhou Jalofun Co., Ltd. is a well-known Chinese company. We have unrivalled experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing sublimation t shirt. Jalofun Company's main products include tee shirt printing series. The food trays of Jalofun Company sublimation t shirt are designed with large holding and bearing capacity. Besides, the food trays are designed with grid-structure which helps dehydrate the food evenly. The product is ideal for most body types. It is waterproof. The ideal level of waterproof coating which is applied to the interior side of the base fabric achieves its waterproofness without compromising tear-strength. The product can last longer than a print ad.

Central to the company's philosophy is the practice of working as closely with our business partners and end-users as possible, listening to their needs, thoughts, and wishes and understanding their markets and requirements.

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