Look Vintage

by:Jalofun      2020-07-16
Vintage look is a fashion statement. Any piece of vintage clothing added up with up-to-date fashion pieces will make a style fascinating. Fashion trend is like a cycle, whatever is the trend a decade ago maybe the latest trends to date. It only varies with a little modification and a touch of modernization. Whatever items you can find in your mother's closet or even your father's can be of better use in your fashion makeover. 1. Polo shirt- it can be use as a dress. Pair it up with shorts, leggings or even make it a dress; with the right accessories like belts, necklaces and such, it will surely make one hell of an outfit. Just let your imagination fly. 2. Old blazer- with a little modification, it can look good with a dress during a night out or even on an ordinary day paired up with jeans. 3. Church dresses- it may seem a little awkward but your grandmother's church dresses can be transformed into something chic and trendy. Glam up this dresses with a stunning headpiece; it will definitely look fashionable. 4. Trinkets and lockets- accessories can change a look. A casual outfit can be glammed up with a long necklace to give that vintage look. 5. Leather Items- Any distressed leather jacket, bag or boots that can still be used. 6. Old flaired pants- it definitely flatters a curvaceous body. Simply wear a simple top and tuck it in. 7. High waisted When it comes to fashion, anything that is high waisted is very up to date. A high waisted short, skirts or even pants paired with a classy wedge would definitely be a hit. 8. Hats- not everyone wears a hat but it can make a fashion statement. Try a fedora on with a shirt and jeans. It is simple and casual but chic. Anything old can be considered as vintage. Therefore, if there are old stuffs kept in your closets for years or even a decade that can still be of use, do not hesitate to do some fashion experiments. With such clothes, you can instantly get new and stylish fashion trends without spending at all.
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