Most Important Jewelry in Indian Wedding - Bangles

by:Jalofun      2020-07-13
Indian weddings are incomplete without jewelry. Sixteen significant elements incorporated in the adornment of a bride before the wedding ceremony, jewelry plays an integral role along with make-up and wedding attire. Adorning a bride with jewelry for weddings dates back to more than 4000 years. Beautiful customs and traditions of India believes that wearing of a jewelry by the bride will bring her good luck to her and her new family as she begins her new phase of life. Different forms of jewelry - gold ornaments, diamond jeweled pieces and traditional Kundan and Polki jewelry - are incorporated in the Indian bride's wedding trousseau. In the current scenario, online shopping websites are doing exceptionally well. Selling everything ranging from decor, home furnishings, jewelry and Indian dresses online, one can't complain about the inaccessibility of wedding essentials required for Indian weddings. No matter where you are, in which corner of the world online shopping will get you everything you desire for; at your doorsteps. Buy Indian clothes online for your wedding and get irresistible discounts. While Indian dresses online availability has been one of the highest scoring factors for the success of these e-commerce ventures across the world, but other than Indian clothes online you can't escape the vibrancy of the Indian culture. Nowadays the popularity of Indian jewelry is no less than apparel. Exclusive jewelry weeks for jewelry lovers clearly denote the escalating demands of Indian jewelry in the current times. Jewelry designers and brands are unveiling different styles of jewelry targeting different occasions. Gone are the days when only one necklace set was worn for all the wedding ceremonies. Cosmopolitan brides love to have a different assortment of wedding jewelry for various functions. Similarly, today brides love to experiment with their bangle sets and bracelets. Bangles worn by the bride are also known by different names like Choodas, Kada, Kangan and many more. Every married woman must wear colorful Indian bangles to symbolize her matrimony status. Among all the ornament pieces, bangles hold a very important association with Indian weddings. As per the traditional Indian values and customs, bangles were considered as the symbol of matrimony. Colors and designs of Indian bangles worn by the bride depend on the community of the bride from where she belongs. While a Punjabi bride wear a red and white Chooda, Bengali bride adorns her wrists with white Shankha and maroon Paula bangles. These days, modern brides are opting for chic bracelets instead of heavy and elaborately designed Indian bangles. Instead of gold bangles, brides today have a preference for diamond studded bangles with a touch of gold. Today, bangles not just enhance the beauty of the Indian bride and married Indian women, but are a huge rage among unmarried young girls. Colorful wooden bangles, interlinked bangles with a modern twist and rustic Rajasthani-style metallic bangles are of great fondness among college going girls. No matter in which corner of India you are, you'll find women dressed in traditional attire and Indian bangles paired with chunky earrings. Colorful Bandhani printed long skirts or Madhubani printed long cotton skirts paired with solid hued body hugging T-shirt is the new style statement adopted by city girls for a bohemian look. They intelligently get their shirt-top complemented with chunky glass or fancy metallic bangles. There are different types of bangles or bracelets available in India. Bangles with intricate craftsmanship made of gold and silver for bridal purposes, Lac bangles, Kundan and Polki stone studded bangles for ceremonial functions, and pearl beaded bracelets for a classic look. Numerous online shopping websites have bombarded the online retail section, so if you're fond of the entire experience of online shopping, you'll have a plethora of options to buy jewelry and Indian clothes online.
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