Personalized T Shirts as Party Favors For Kids

by:Jalofun      2020-07-10
One of the easiest ways to create personalized party favors for kids is to buy a 'plain' item and customize it yourself. This is especially true today, when many people have access to printers and computers. In this article, we'll talk about how you can use iron-on transfers to make your own personalized t shirts for kids. Personalized t shirts are a fun, fairly inexpensive idea for personalized party favors for kids. Start by buying a premium personalized t shirt for the birthday girl or boy. (Some companies offer fun designs that use custom-made caricatures or photo illustrations.) Order this well in advance so it arrives in plenty of time for the big day. Use this professionally designed t shirt as inspiration for your own design. Once you have a final 'head count' of your guests, go to a discount store and purchase blank t-shirts. (To avoid unintentionally hurting any feelings, it's best to 'guesstimate' the average size and purchase all of the shirts in the same size.) Be sure the tees are made of 100% cotton. Then, go to an office supply store and buy a package of iron-on transfers. These are quick and easy to use, and faithfully reproduce any design you print off your computer. Since you're making personalized party favors for kids, you'll probably want to choose a small design so you can fit several t-shirts' worth on one sheet of transfer paper. You may decide it's enough to type each child's name in a fun font. Finally, create your personalized tshirts by ironing on the transfers one at a time. On the day of the party, hand each child his or her t-shirtalong with a fabric markerand encourage the children to 'autograph' each others' shirts. This will create fun, unique personalized party favors for kids that they wouldn't find anywhere else.
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