Ride in Style with a Biker's Shirt

by:Jalofun      2020-07-06
There's something unique about a biker. His rough and tough dressing, his bold body language and the attitude that oozes confidence that gets him looks when he sets the road on fire! If you are one who loves to do the same and burn the streets on your metal horse, then do it with style- the style of a biker! Clothing becomes an important aspect to consider while riding a bike. The right kind of clothing while riding ensures a comfortable, enjoyable ride! The Stiff Collar Biker's shirts are for the ones who like to add some attitude to motorbike riding! Carefully crafted in denim, these shirts add an adventure element to a biker's clothing! Made from 100% cotton, in soft denim, the fabric sits nicely on your body while you ride away in glory. The fabric is pre treated for a wrinkle resistant finish, so you don't have to worry about your look till you reach your destination. The yoke of the shirt is raised and layered with a mesh fabric which helps in aeration so you don't sweat during a long ride. The extra big chest pockets with 'Velcro' flaps make it easier for you to keep your knick-knacks. There is a sunglass compartment behind the right chest pocket, so you don't lose your sunglasses and keep them safe. There's also a secret pocket on the inside of the shirt to protect your valuables. Cleverly stitched side flaps help you tuck your headphone/hands-free wires so they don't fly away while you are on the road. Wear your denim biker's shirt half tucked with a black or dark blue denim or even leather pants. Layer it with a grey or white vest or round neck Tee underneath and leave a few buttons open. Roll up the sleeves to show off some muscles and don't forget- accessories are the key - a pair of aviator sunglasses, a chunky, sporty watch, high top shoes, leather wristbands or even a leather jacket, when it gets a little cooler. Last of all, don't take yourself too seriously! And whether you have a bike or not, you can always dress up your biker's shirt with accessories or just go simple with a pair of jeans! Riding a motorbike is all about fun, being bold and brave and different than the rest. Explore, experience and enjoy the roads and have fun!
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