Screen Printing And Embroidery Printing Clear Your Doubts

by:Jalofun      2020-06-26
When I thought of writing this article, I was stuck about my target reader. I was not sure for whom I should write. Screen and embroidery printing are well in use and both of them are very common to people. However about the basic uses people were somewhere not clear. I decided to cover the same topic in my write up targeting everyone who is looking for any kind of printing. Screen printing and embroidery printing may be the common term for people of embellishment industry or Printing in London. However market cannot be concentrated to that very small group. People from every aspect require the need of printing industry at some or the other extent of life. Let's know about it better and closer. Screen printing uses inks to be applied for substrate. The substrate includes wide range of things including t-shirts, uniforms, customized pens, bags, sign boards, bags and some sorts of similar things. Just look around your context, you will find many items provoking the example of screen printing London. Why is it called Screen Printing? The printing process is called screen printing because of an interlock screen with the help of stencil is created. Later ink is pushed on the subject (t-shirt, cup. pen etc) creating a finished logo or text. These are extensively used because it has some advantages over embroidery. Advantages of Screen Printing Screen printing helps you create high end designs using shading and gradients Printing in bulk will take you to a cheaper deal. These are best for promotional items. Suits best for logo and corporate entities Logos and text can further be decorated with different effects to make it suitable. Embroidery printing would not give you these flexibilities. Now the most important point, pricing. The rates are determined by various factors like number of colors used in the printing and number of items printed with the same design. This means rates are inversely proportion with the items. More the items less the cost! More About Embroidery Printing It is more of a physical process where thread is used to create a design. Thread is actually stitched into the custom product and it gives you a very unique design. You might have seen embroidery done for Jackets, caps and hats. The touch is sure to give you a more of professional look. It also doesn't fade away because no inks are used, so more life in this printing method. Single colored logos are preferred to be designed in embroidery both because of professional look and long life. However when it comes to recreate shading printing London prefer screen printing. You too can't expect shading through thread. One can't expect to induce small text using embroidery in that case too screen printing is used. Secondly the method is little bit expensive because of the physical labor involved. It is also time taking and creative process. This is also same as of screen printing in terms of pricing as it too decreases with the numbers. This industry too has seen development and there are machines now which can help you embroil about 10 pieces at a time. The pricing factor largely depends number of stitches used and number of pieces being embroidered. Hope both the printing industry gain the love of consumer.
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