Screen Printing vs Custom Embroidery

by:Jalofun      2020-06-25
In present modern world everybody wants to look trendy and fashionable and someone has rightly said that your clothes reflect your personality. Wearing customized embroidered clothes is in current fashion these days. Custom clothes designing give you freedom to express your art, feelings, and your style through it. This is the place you are creator of your own clothes. In simple words whatever you can think you can have it printed on your shirt, T-shirt or cap. Several multinational companies ask their workers to wear custom designed clothes with the logo of their company on them for promotional and advertising purposes. The way of promoting your business through this means is very powerful. Even other business owners like hotel owners, airline companies, hospitals etc. ask their worker to wear proper workwear just to promote their brand logo. Even if you look around you are surrounded by custom designed clothes, air hostess, flying stewards, managers in hotels, workers in companies or factories etc all wear customized clothes with a logo or brand name on them. Normally an individual can have custom designed clothes by two ways of designing screen printing and custom embroidery both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So which one to choose? With the help of my words I will break it down for you. Screen Printing Screen Printing is also known as serigraphy, Screen Printing can be done from any hard item to cloth for example a cup, pen, pencil, t-shirts, mugs, team uniforms and yard signs etc. the list can go on forever. Basically in this process a mesh screen with stencil is created and colors or inks are pushed through it into your desired substrates. It creates multi layered film of a graphic design each layer is usually assigned to one color and there are up to 4 layers. Cost of Screen Printing In embellishment industry there are oodles of ways to quantify the cost of screen printing but the most common is the total amount of calories that are going to be utilized in your design. As mentioned above each screen is assigned to single particular color and for multiple colors on the design screen needs to be burned and they charge for each burned screen. Colors cyan, magenta, yellow, & black are used in producing each and every color in the design. Another cost they charge is for ink used in the plan; the cost will increase as you choose darker colors because for dark colors they need to coat a white base first. Advantages Disadvantages Custom Embroidery Custom embroidery is a procedure in which needle and thread is used to stitch your particular design or logo on the desired product. Custom embroidery can be executed on any type of cloth material golf shirts, corporate wear, woven's, ball & knit caps, jackets & coats, tote bags and much much more list goes on. In previous days it was done by hands but modern technology affects it a lot. Now these days digitizing is the technique which is used in custom embroidery where they feed your design in computer through a digitizer and then machines with needles and threads does the embroidery, this is how they achieve perfection and neatness every time. Cost of Custom Embroidery Here I am elaborating best and most popular mode of pricing custom embroidery which is known as stitch count. In stitch counts they charge you for the number of stitches in your logo or design and number of pieces being embroidered. Another thing they charge you for is digitizing this is the phrase where they cover your design into a format or language in which a sewing machine understand what to see and with what colors. This is a onetime charge until you change the design of your logo. Just like screen printing custom embroidery does have its own pros and cons let's have a glimpse. Advantages Disadvantages So these were the advantages and disadvantages of screen printing and custom embroidery. Every individual is different so do their taste and needs are that why choose which suits your need best and gives you satisfaction. I hope this article will help one and all who are fond of wearing custom designed clothes. Stay trendy!
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