Should Teachers Follow a Strict Dress Code?

by:Jalofun      2020-06-23
When we think of the profession of teachers the thing that comes first in our mind is their appearances. We cannot imagine a teacher coming to the school wearing jeans and a T-shirt or any other cloth that they usually wear in weekends. We still believe a teacher's profession completely different from other professions. In fact, teachers can be identified by their dressing style and body language of which subject do they deal with. The way a teacher dresses, exerts an impact in the classroom. Classroom is not a place to exhibit the fashion 'guru' inside you. What you wear reflects your personality. And, teachers are expected to look sober so that students get bound to listen to them and concentrate in the class. What teachers wear leave an indelible impact on their students. If a teacher is strict with dresses then it becomes not that difficult to control the entire class. There are few tips for how a teacher should dress: A teacher should always keep in mind to dress professionally. They can see parents, administrators, superintendents, volunteers and other visitors even on any given day Modesty is the key word for teachers. They should avoid dresses in which they don't look modest. It is their behavior and dressing style which make the students follow them and maintain the discipline and rules of the school They should always go for the clothes that fit them. Wearing crushed clothes or the one which is bigger in size harms one's persona Cotton fabrics suit the profession of a teacher more. So, they should go for cotton fabrics the most. But, they should be comfortable with their dress also because it will reflect in their faces if they don't feel comfortable enough in their attires. Shoes must be good and should match with their personality. They should not opt for anything and everything that is in fashion. For male teachers, their shoes must be polished so that they care for your personality and in fact improves it more. But, at the same time the shoes should be comfortable also, otherwise the pinching of your shoes can be identified with your facial expressions only. While choosing clothes, teachers should be conscious about the color of their dresses. They should not pick up any bold color that make the students get distracted from the track of the class. It is not that teachers have to be conscious about their dresses more than their teaching skills. But dresses leave a deep impact on the minds of the people. In fact, color of the dresses tells what your nature is. One can identify a person's taste by the color and fabric of the dress that the person is wearing. A man's skills are always appreciated but the way he carries himself up also plays the equal role in shaping up his personality. People won't acknowledge you if you don't have a good dressing sense and whatever qualities and skills you have. Good way of dressing up has always played a dominant role from a very early age among human beings.
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