Simplified History of T-shirt Printing

by:Jalofun      2020-06-23
Thank you to the first people who came up with t-shirt printing because now it is so much part of modern life that most people will not even stop to consider its history. T-shirt printing did go a long way from its humble beginnings and the t-shirts did not just fall out of the sky with fashionable prints already on the fabric. Formally introduced in the 1950s, the first printed t-shirts showcased famous resorts and character figures such as Mickey Mouse from Walt Disney. Through impressive technological innovations, t-shirts followed with more artful designs and were made available in the late 60s. Styles that show strong political views such as marijuana use, Che Guevera and the Grateful Dead became popular to rock music fans until other bands and teams took the risk and use t-shirts as promotional tools. To start with the t-shirt printing process, a squeegee pushes ink through a screen that is prepared before any printing can take place. Plastisol ink is the ideal formula that will work well with a variety of fabrics to ensure that top quality garments will be produced. The screen is then coated with thick emulsion and allows it to dry. Until now, this process is still being used by traditional t-shirt printing companies. We might be unaware of this incredible journey that makes our t-shirts look extra fun or the graphic prints that showcase whatever we are promoting at the moment. The impressive part is the transition between the old-school t-shirt printing to improvements in printing technology coupled with the convenience of ordering your personalized and customized clothing online. T-shirt printing did go a long way and in these modern times, a lot of t-shirt printing techniques have already been employed now by clothing manufacturers such as screen printing, digital printing, hand or textile printing. From conventional hair mesh wood frames to state of the art direct garment printers that are available today, t-shirt printing has definitely given everyone the ability to wear what they want. About Custom Clothing in New Zealand makes it EASY. We can offer graphic design, screen printing design, embroidery design or help with tweaking an existing idea or image. We can provide clothing or fabric. We have extensive experience with screen printing, embroidery and transfers. We can come and meet you at your Business, School or Club and work together to identify what is going to be best for you.
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