Singapore T Shirt Printing

by:Jalofun      2020-06-22
Many companies today have their corporate t-shirts printed as it helps to convey and maintain a sense of professionalism to customers. However, as the pricing for custom t-shirts varies between projects, many designers do not have a rough idea of how they should keep their design to in order to meet with the budget that they might have. As a result, they usually end up paying more than they are willing to. The pricing of t-shirt printing is calculated based on 3 factors - type of shirt, quantity and design to be printed. Base on these 3 factors, we have come up with 8 simple tips for you that will help you to reduce the cost of your printed t-shirts. Reduce the number of printing colors. Fewer colors require fewer screens to be set-up and less time to print additional colors, thus reducing the overall cost. Printing colors is based on per side. Reduce the number of printing locations Additional screen and printing charges applies for additional locations (e.g. sleeves, collars) Order white or light colored t-shirts. Dark t-shirts often require printing a white 'underlay' in order to prevent the print from being covered by the dark fabric. Reduce the size of print. A larger printing area will require a larger screen and a larger amount of ink. Reducing the size of print will reduce the printing cost. Purchase in bulk. Ordering in large quantities allows the set-up charges to be spread among the shirts,causing the price per t-shirt to drop drastically. Do not compromise on quality. T-shirts that are low in quality will experience wear and tear easily. Good quality t-shirts will last longer and feel better Pick a company you can trust. At Yellow Inch, we provide top quality t-shirt printing services at the most competitive prices. We are responsible for producing high quality embroidered and printed t-shirts for a large number of corporations, institutions, non profit organizations, as well as government entities in Singapore.If your purchase is delivered late for even a day, they may end up becoming a useless product. We are 100% committed to delivery and fully understand that any delay is out of the question.We use only the best fabric and printing materials to ensure that our products are durable and lasting. We are committed to building a flawless reputation and will not compromise on the quality of our products in any way.
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