Stag T Shirts And Hen T Shirts Designs

by:Jalofun      2020-06-21
A stag party or a hen party is a great time to let loose and have a great time and no matter where you end up, be it London, Las Vegas or Limerick - you're going to want to try and stand out from the crowd - and the best way to do it is by organising a set of stag t shirts or hen t shirts for your group. So I'll run through the options you have in terms of getting that perfect t shirt organised, in terms of originality, cost and creativeness. If cost isn't an issue you could of course just google stag or hen t shirt companies. They'll normally have a number of designs which you can choose from - and will allow you to change the text - normally the name of the main persons party along with the destination. In addition you could add a list of names of those attending to the back of the t shirt or do what's becoming increasingly popular - add a football number (each member of the group would obviously get their own number). But what if you want to put a bit more originality into your t shirt you could of course design your own. This doesn't have to be too complicated - you could scan in a photograph of the group - or if one of your friends (or indeed yourself) has an idea of Photoshop or Corel Draw you could put something together and send it to the t shirt company. The best thing to do however, is call the t shirt company in advance and ask how many colours they will do - as usually the more colours you decide to go for the more expensive it will be. If you're looking to get an even better deal, moneywise, than going with a t shirt printing company then you could try and do a bit more work yourself. If you wanted to source the t shirts yourself for example - you would obviously save a lot of money. But how would you get the design on? Well, this is where you'd need to start looking into what's called 'heat transfers'. Heat transfers are sheets of paper that you'd print your design onto - and then place onto the t shirt and with the aid of heat and some pressure you would 'imprint' the design onto your t shirt. Whilst it is possible to use an iron - the quality wouldn't be great. But for a stag t shirt you only need something for a weekend so the quality doesn't have to be too amazing. Using a white t shirt when doing your own heat transfers will normally yield better results. If possible you may ask around and see if you could borrow a heat press. A heat press is a big metal press that can heat up to 350 - 400 degrees Fahrenheit and can also add a lot of pressure onto the garment meaning the transfer will adhere better. Also when printing onto the heat transfers you normally need to use an inkjet and use what's called 'pigment inks'. So hopefully that may give you a few ideas as to how to achieve a great t shirt for a good price, and hopefully you'll have a memorable weekend!
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