Suited And Booted

by:Jalofun      2020-06-12
A well tailored suit simply cannot be beaten especially if accessorised with some well chosen designer cufflinks. A slim fit suit in navy or black or a double breasted blazer paired with a pair of chinos looks and feels a million dollars. But suits aren't just for men: ladies can also look sharp in that perennial favourite - the trouser suit or by inspired by the soon to be released film the 'Iron Lady' and opt for 'Margaret Thatcher' style. This means bows, large lapels and those famous handbags. Dressing to impress If you want to make a statement in the corporate world or stand head and shoulders above the competition then nothing less than a suit will do. Even in these 'anything goes' times, a suit says that its wearer is serious about business and is brimming with drive and ambition. Remember: if you want to get ahead, get a suit. Men at work Men can choose from slim fit, tailored or regular fit suits depending upon the environment (and mood!). This means one or two button suits in navy, grey, black or houndstooth check, worn with a classic shirt and tie combo or a neat polo shirt. If your workplace is conservative then choose a suit which fits in with this convention along with a crisp shirt and muted tie, along with a few matching accessories such as a tie pin, designer cufflinks and slim yet elegant watch. But if you work in a creative or informal environment then let your inner creative out with an unstructured suit and t-shirt combination which is smart enough for your clients but relaxed enough for the workplace. Plus the unstructured look is one of several fashion trends for the coming year. Women in business Women also have the option of unstructured tailoring with softer shapes and layering rather than the hard edged androgynous look. This means a collarless jacket worn with a pencil skirt, sleeveless top and wedges: or why not opt for a cropped blazer and kick flare trousers, teamed with leather ankle boots. Choose from loose, oversized jackets and trousers in neutral shades, enlivened by a few splashes of colour here and there. Or go for slim leg, three quarter length trousers, worn with a fitted shirt and a pair of flat soled leather loafers. And why not complete your outfit with a few items of jewellery such as a bracelet, necklace and earrings. Suits you The trick is to find the suit that fits your body shape and personal style. The choices include corporate, slim Italian, finely tailored, special occasion and budget so there is a suit for every situation and finances. A suit doesn't have to mean expensive. It is possible to look funky and sexy with a budget priced suit. What matters is what you wear with it. Team it with a few classy accessories for that 'millionaire playboy' look.
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