Support The Troops By Wearing A Parachute Regiment

by:Jalofun      2020-06-20
British paratroopers honour their reputation as the toughest, most highly trained soldiers on the planet. Members of The Parachute Regiment's 3 battalions undergo six-months of gruelingly intensive military training to become qualified for rapid deployment to battle anywhere in the world. The Parachute Regiment T shirt is emblematic to the motto 'ready for anything' upheld by the airborne brigades with a mission to succeed. Since its inception during World War II, this air assault division of the British army, its illustrious battalions, comprised of 'those magnificent men', has served with the rapid response that, historically, landed ahead of all other troops in five major assault operations. They have served as a vital part as operatives in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. The extraordinary physical fitness, stamina and advanced military teamwork skills, necessitates that paratroopers extol the highest degree of dedication, discipline and determination in order to achieve, what is described as, the toughest training of any army in the world. These men earn and are awarded the distinctive maroon beret and emblem as airborne soldiers within the British regiment. The official paratrooper's emblem, denoting those 'ready for anything', are parachute wings worn on the right shoulder, placed above the airborne patch. The airborne forces patch is defined by Bellerophon riding the flying horse, Pegasus, who Greek mythology regales as the greatest hero and slayer of monsters. The WWII cap badge of the paratroopers regiment incorporates a crown and Imperial lion, which evolved in time to the queen's crown. The popularity of military clothing is in association with honoring the bravery, dedication to excellence and loyalty exhibited by those who serve in the armed forces. Today, paratrooper t-shirts with crest are designed to offer precision replication through MOD specifications. Digital and embroidery studios provide high-quality, rapid production with attention to every detail. State-of-the-art embroidery equipment, networked with computerized systems, translates to precision, consistency, detailing that provides intricate clarity and an extensive color palette. Online services offer ease of ordering with specific detailing per your instructions on a 7-days a week basis. T-shirts are offered in short sleeve, crew neck, cotton/Lycra for better shaping and retention. Strength is assured with twin needle stitching applied at the neck, sleeves and hem and shoulder to shoulder taping. Sizing is available from small through XXL. A wide range of color choices runs from white through the spectrum. Parachute Regiment T Shirts collectors that prefer sleeves t-shirts can find high-quality cotton/Lycra versions with the embroidered paratrooper crest. High-cut armholes offer unisex fit with strength in twin-needle stitching and self-fabric binding from neck to armholes in para vests. The color selection includes white, heather, black, red and navy in sizes small through XXL. The daily news coverage of an ongoing, ten-year war and the brave men and women giving their lives, keeps their sacrifices alive in the heart and minds of the world. Wearing a Parachute Regiment T shirt represents personal pride, gratitude, awe, appreciation and support for those brave soldiers, our moms and dads, our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, 'always ready' to defend freedom with honour. Parachute Regiment T Shirts
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