T-Shirt Design Tips

by:Jalofun      2020-06-16
Getting ready to have an artwork pertaining to T-shirt design may be a somewhat diverse process for that one put to use in paper based or canvas products. Rather than coping with flat, static surface your canvas is really a vibrant colored, continuously moving, cotton chameleon. To obtain the most out of your T-shirt designs it's worth it considering how your image will lay on an appearance and how your design prints with a colored cotton background. There are a number of tips, tricks and methods you'll be able to use to revitalize your T-shirt designs for a cotton canvas. Allow me to share a few tips. 1) Color your line-work If you're designing an image using vector programs or hand drawn illustrations, a t-shirt design could be usually enhanced by changing the color of your line-work. Various colored line-work will stand out on diverse t-shirt colors so it's only a matter or experimenting until you find something you like. 2) Taking away backgrounds One of the very most valuable tricks one can learn in relation to T-Shirt Design is when to take out backgrounds. This is specifically useful if you would like conforming your photos or existing artwork. Big, flat slabs of black or even other background colors don't tend to print too well and in many cases, designs can be improved with a more fluid outline instead of a rectangular shape. 3) Frame your image If you will need a little more practice removing backgrounds, but you're unsatisfied using a rectangular design or even a big slab of background color, there are other methods for you to make a more fluid outline or shape to your t-shirt design. 'Framing' doesn't need to be construed in the literal sense. You may separate the particular unaccountable of a design in numerous ways, which includes employing a distressed or vintage effect on the sides of an image, breaking the image up into sections, using collage techniques or creating a border or frame. 4) Make use of the shirt color as part of the design Consider methods for you to include the colored background of the t-shirt into your design. The file you upload has a transparent background hence the negative spaces in your t-shirt design will show the t-shirt color. If you're thinking about exploring the world of T-shirt design slightly further, there are several tutorials online however these aren't a bad starting point for you. You can also look for video tutorials, books, etc., you're not limited on your resources, explore and learn.
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