The Analysis of Several Common Clothing Fabrics

by:Jalofun      2020-06-14
At present there are so many types of clothing, the clothing fabrics also is varied. So, what are the several common clothing fabrics? 1. Common pure cotton fabrics Leisure T-shirt is used more common pure cotton fabric, the fabric T-shirt wearing comfortable, but the performance of the mixture is a bit poor. 2. Mercerized cotton fabrics Mercerized cotton fabrics are cotton for raw materials, and then worsted knitting yarn made high, then after singeing, mercerizing and other special processing process, made into bright and clean and bright beautiful, soft anti-wrinkle high quality mercerized yarn. With the raw material of high quality knitted fabrics, not only completely retained the raw cotton excellent natural characteristics, but also with silk general luster. The fabrics feel soft, wet absorption gas, elasticity and drape is quite good. And its rich design and color, comfortable and optional wear, can fully embody the wearer's temperament and grade. 3. Pure cotton knitted double mercerized fabric Knitting double mercerized fabric is 'double burn double wire' pure cotton products, after singeing, mercerizing and made of mercerized yarn as raw materials, reference CAD computer aided design system and CAM computer aided production system, weave design pattern fabrics quickly. After singeing grey cloth singeing and mercerizing again, and then for a series of finishing, produces the high-grade knitted fabrics. The cloth texture is clear; the design is novel, luster bright, smooth. It is better than mercerized cotton. But as a result of two times silk finishing, the price is a bit expensive. 4. All kinds of synthetic fiber fabrics These kinds of fabric fully embody the advantages of modern high science and technology. It is made of different chemical fiber and cotton fiber composite weaving. In moisture absorption, guide sweat, warm, antibacterial, luster, feel, and many other performance is better than the natural pure cotton fabrics. It has a silky luxuriant gloss and simple sense, and has excellent elegant feeling. Some fabric also has natural good antibacterial health care effect. It represents the future of knitting clothing put development trend, is known as 'human air conditioning clothes'. 5. Ramie Hemp has a long history origin in our country, ramie is known as 'natural fiber crown'. Ramie is rich in oxygen, and natural contains reminds, pyramiding, etc., it may restrain harmful microorganism and bacteria produce composition. Linen fabric has a good luster, light texture, high strength, and moisture absorption moisture quickly, and including the human body health care composition characteristics. After fine processing, on the one hand, the hemp clothing satisfy the people's clothing aesthetic requirements, on the other hand, it is better to reflect the hemp clothing permeability is strong, antibacterial health, high quality and good performance. But the ramie fabrics T-shirt is less, and the price is higher. Dongguan Zhong Yan Import & Export Co., Ltd mainly do the business of fair isle hat, men sweater, knitted pullover, ladies dress, ladies blouse, knit dress etc.. We have 5 years' experience of exporting knitted sweaters; we assemble the traditional operational methods with modern e-commerce, supply services with diversification, comprehensiveness, superior quality and high efficiency.
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