The Collar Makes the Shirt

by:Jalofun      2020-06-11
'The collar makes the shirt and the shirt makes the man'. The collar of a shirt have evolved to become to be synonymous with the respect and prestige of a man. The idea of shirt collars originated in the 1300s, when the neckline used to be ruffled together with a drawstring. Those then transitioned into whisk collars and falling bands in the Elizabethan era. Ornamental collar were worn as a part of jewelry. In modern day world, men's fashion defines more than 10 different styles of Collars! Cutaway - Originated in the early 20th century, these collar styles work aptly with a suit, coat or just a blazer. You can easily skip the neckwear and look decent even with a button or two undone. Cutaways also come in Semi Cutaway and Extreme Cutaway Collars. Medium Spread- These are one of the most common collar styles for men, Medium Spread collars can be kept buttoned up with a tie or just the top button undone- best suited for any formal or even a casual occasion. Sports coats and blazers without neckwear can also look good with this collars. Forward point- Traditional Forward Point collars are usually worn with suits and ties. Since the collars are long and pointy, you might just want to keep the top button closed. Snap Tab/Club- The modern day version of Snap Tab and Club collars are about having fun and being adventurous with your style! Pop icons tend to flaunt this style extensively, probably because it looks over the top for a shirt. Since the collar is snub, you might want to avoid sweaters and closed jackets with these. Button Down- Specifically made for polo players in the early 1800s, Button Down collar have an extensive history of styling. The buttons keep the neckwear in place and hence work perfect for formal occasions. Also try a sports coat or a V neck sweater over a Button Down to get that prim Ivy League look! Chinese- Also known as Band Collar or Grand dad collars, this Collar style is a Western elucidation of Chinese garments dating back to Imperial China. Conveniently crafted, these collars save the trouble of neckwear! Banker's Collar (White Collar or Contrast color) - These collars are a take away from the late Retra period of the 80s. Inspired by the corporate moguls of that time, these collar styles add a colorful element to the regular, monotonous formal shirts! Wear it as a casual wear with denims or as a strictly formal garment with blazer or suit, Banker's Collars are equally versatile.
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