The Skills of Matching Your Cloth

by:Jalofun      2020-06-08
In this colorful season, the most personality of the new casual style of dress collocation show a colorful man's style. Thus, tight plus size t shirts for women, transparent shirt plus slacks and slimming suit match with mental color tie which was tied like a silk scarf is not strange for us .there are some ways to match your clothes. 1 Black shirt match with dark long trousers Black shirt can make older men look youthful, let the young men appear to be mature. Black shirt can make wearer's skin become more white and make the slightly darker complexion become more healthy, a sleek black plus size shirts for women with dark long trousers can make young man look like more handsome and slim, style and attractive. This casual combination is suitable for formal occasions. If you are marked with printed silk tie or accompanied by a leather vest, you will be more gorgeous. It can brings the feeling of nature, quite, free and dressing connotation of refinement and elegant. 2. vest with cotton shirt or tights Vest can bring the feeling of comfort and freedom. Brown mill velvet belt, a vest with many port, dark green fine twill cotton shirt, beige diagonally woven fabric slacks and field boots can make people who are working at outdoor become more bold and big-hearted. A vest which is made up by coarse texture and color fancy khaki or corduroy can strengthen man's enthusiasm and handsome. 3. T-shirt with shirt A collarless T-shirt plus a loose shirts are quite popular, which has a deep impression of vitality and quiet. Solid color wholesale plus size t shirts, especially white flat collar or turtleneck pullover T-shirt is the best combination to match, Coat can be changed arbitrarily, you can wear same color but different texture shirt or a round swing shirt, you can also choose blue or double color plaid shirt and so on, as long as the color of a shirt is not deeply striking and it's coordination to match the white T-shirt. Shirt is not best to fasten buttons, sometimes you can plus a dark vest or printed vest to strengthen the brightness. 4. Metallic color collared dress with casual suits Metallic-colored dress with collar matched with pastel colors or gray leisure suit and plus the Jeans and casual shoes is the first choice for uninhibited youth. Flash metallic color collared T-shirts are usually modified zipper and it was very different with the nature color of casual style, maybe was affected by some kind of popular sentiment, this combination makes it becomes interesting, unique and full of personalized 5 Water stained blouse with belt jeans This mix is a new expression of rustic, giving a lengthy old rhyme in looking for comfortable casual taste sensation. Cloth Shirt is processed into color by a wash cloth, printed old and soft, comfortable appearance texture and denim suspenders is filled with the feeling of watered old, the suspenders is old belt, if it is accompanied with a baseball cap and canvas baseball cap, this combination is filled with modern feeling and make you become a handsome boy.
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