What To Wear Over The Bank Holiday

by:Jalofun      2020-05-23
It is always difficult to know what to wear over the Bank Holiday weekend when visiting family, going out with friends or doing some last minute DIY. Possible options for men include a smart jacket and trousers combo with designer jewellery or a pair of slim chinos and a polo shirt, accessorised with a pair of sunglasses. Women have the choice of pastels and florals for a weekend in the country or a slim pencil skirt and fitted jacket for the girl in the city look. But for both men and women, the aim is to replace the dark tones and heavy fabrics worn over the winter with something light and fresh. Picnic in the park Nothing quite beats a relaxing picnic in the park with a group of friends. Good food, chilled beers (or wine) and lively conversation makes for an enjoyable afternoon. So choose something which is casual and comfortable to wear. Good choices for men include a pastel coloured cardigan, worn over a checked shirt and slim fit jeans. Add a pair of wayfarer style sunglasses and a pair of plimsolls for a just chillin' look. For women, a pair of high waisted tailored shorts, teamed with a gingham cotton blouse and strappy sandals gives a nice fun in the sun feel to the occasion. Add a skinny knit cardigan if the weather turns cooler. Dining out with friends The Bank Holiday is a good time to catch up with old friends and talk about good and bad times. And what better way of doing this than over a three course meal, accompanied by a bottle of wine (or two). Men can opt for a smart, Italian cut suit, crisp cotton shirt worn with or without a tie and a pair of smart brogues. Add a final flourish with a few well chosen items of mens designer jewellery such as a pair of silver cufflinks and skeleton watch. Family ties Many people see this time as a good opportunity to see their family. Men: if you are visiting your parents then why not impress them with some slick tailoring. Mix and match a slim fit blazer with slim fit trousers or if you are feeling brave, swap these for a pair of slim fit shorts. Women: choose a stripy cardigan, silk skirt and wedge sandals, teamed with a pair of sterling silver earrings and a retro watch. Or a long sleeved V-neck top with a pair of skinny fit jeans for a more relaxed look.
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